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 •  5 min read

The Stack I used to Build My Blog in 2024

I deal with my blog the same as I deal with iphone, I have to replace it every 4 years, first couple of years usually…

 •  8 min read

JavaScript Anti-patterns

Usually people search for patterns to follow but some searches for the anti-patterns to avoid, In my opinion both are equally important, by knowing them…

 •  2 min read

Accept all LinkedIn connections at once easily

It's all about enjoying the fact that you are a developer, to fix a relatively big issues that took long time in a very small…

 •  8 min read

Cloning hey pin menu using CSS and JavaScript

The best way to strengthen the basics of web development or precisely to be a good frontend developer is to practice HTML, CSS, and JavaScript…

 •  1 min read

FastCode 2018 - ES6 Series

This is an ES6 (aka ES2015) series in Arabic, I've created in Ramdan2018 on YouTube for `Free`. It helps you to learn or revise on…