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 •  7 min read

How to Create Automated OG Images using Satori

In this post I will take you in a journey on creating an automated yet customized open graph image per post for your blog, just…

 •  3 min read

Chrome renders emoji's wrongly [resolved]

I was working on a multilingual website and faced weird things about translating flag emojis in chrome that I want to share with you in…

 •  8 min read

5 different ways to create a ticket layout

Well, last week I've created a post about Gradient borders with curves and 3D animation in CSS, which was a trial to clone the Nextjs…

 •  9 min read

Gradient borders with curves and 3D animation in CSS

On 27th of October 2020 is the first global conference of Next.js, I'm so excited about it as a React developer, That's why I've registered…

 •  6 min read

Dark mode easily on web

Dark mode 🌒 has been a trend for the last few years, and you can find almost all website enable that, including famous ones like…