Accept all LinkedIn connections at once easily

It’s all about enjoying the fact that you are a developer, to fix a relatively big issues that took long time in a very small amount of time, that what defines us as developers.

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I just feel fortunate for being a Developer, Here is a short story:

The problem

I don’t know when did LinkedIn remove that option of multiple actions on the connection requests, and I had about 700+ connection requests today, I was usually multi-selecting them and accept or ignore

I was annoyed that I have to accept one by one, and I did try in the beginning

Then I realized that I’m a developer so I could automate that if LinkedIn stop supporting it, just by selecting the elements by inspecting them in the browser and trigger the click event on them if I want to accept all in the same page.

Only running the following code did that magic for me in moments:

  .forEach((btn) =>;

Well, that seems to be a very easy code to write and a trivial programming task for any newbie in JavaScript right?!

but let’s think about it, why do we have programming in the first place?

Why are developers writing code?

I’ve just shared that to let you think for a few moments why are developers writing code?

I guess it’s there to fix such stupid problems that anyone might face in daily life

final thoughts:

  • I would say ALWAYS KISS (Keep it simple stupid) as long as you fixed the issue in the shortest way.

  • DON'T over design your code

  • USE code to fix anything

  • ENJOY being a developer 👨‍💻

Tot ziens 👋